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10 reasons why Shang-Chi should be the new team leader

As Phase 4 continues, MCU fans eagerly await to see who becomes the new de facto leader of the Avengers team formed from the old and new characters presented on screen. Still very early in the world after The Blip, the characters are few and far between. Even with the returning characters and the new ones to join, Shang-Chi emerges as one of the early favorites to take on the leadership role.

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Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings was the kind of movie needed at the start of Phase 4 for the MCU to be reinvigorated after some fan-favorite and critical characters disappeared and after long COVID-related delays. Simu Liu portrayed Shang-Chi perfectly in the movie, letting fans know that there is a serious contender in town for the new team leader.

ten He has a unique background

Shang Chi Youth Training

Wenwu has trained Shang-Chi to become an assassin since he was a child, much like Nat’s childhood in the Red Room. With his long-standing training, Shang-Chi is a force to be reckoned with, even before he inherited the Ten Rings from his father. This suggests that he is a great choice to be the next leader as this lineup will never leave him.

Just as Nat could always step in to fill the leadership void left by Steve and Tony whenever they got into a fight or just off the grid, Shang-Chi will always be able to adapt quickly and do whatever it takes. it takes to get the job done.

9 He is not arrogant

Katy and Shang Chi are working

Like anyone with specialist knowledge in any subject, Shang-Chi goes through life with confidence but does not cross the line of arrogance. This distinction is crucial for the leader of the next MCU team. Although Steve had a good heart, making him a great Captain America, he lacked that confidence that often led to difficult times in the leadership role. Tony was confident, to the point of being arrogant often, especially at the start of his journey.

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Shang-Chi strikes a balance that no other hero has in this area. While he has a quiet confidence that opponents will notice and heed without being an over the top showboat. This will allow him to inspire that confidence in the members of any team with him.

8 His best traits

Shang Chi, the original Avengers

In a way, all of the best traits of the six founding members of the Avengers live in him. Using his talents as Natasha, a highly skilled assassin, he has confidence in his abilities and extreme conviction like Barton. Starting life simply as a son and brother like Thor, these things could also be his Achilles heel while still giving him such a heart.

He is now in possession of a powerful technology that he must learn to understand, as Tony had to while struggling to control this new power as Banner did. He has the foresight that he knows he will be called upon to fight for the greater good and is ready to do so regardless of the sacrifice, as Rogers has always been ready to do.

7 He has unlimited responsibilities

Katy Shang CHi drinking

Unlike other members of the Avengers, Shang-Chi isn’t already burdened with the responsibilities of a superhero. He can focus on building and leading a new team, giving it all and turning it into what it needs to be for big battles. None of the other returning heroes can.

Unlike anyone who takes the mantle of Black Panther, Shang-Chi doesn’t have to worry about an entire country. Dr. Strange is busy being the keeper of the Sanctum Sanctorum and the Time Stone. Captain Marvel is busy protecting an entire galaxy. Wanda is who knows where and maybe is ready to be a villain. Sam has taken on the role of Captain America but is busy righting wrongs in the name of the Super Soldier program. Shang-Chi is available.

6 He does not give up

Shang Chi side of the Shang Chi bus in combat

As the final fight against Wenwu and the Dweller in Darkness proved, Shang-Chi doesn’t just give up. He can be immersed in deep water and dig deep enough to awaken something in him to keep fighting. It is a trait in a leader that cannot be taught; it must be innate.

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Shang-Chi has a natural willingness to do whatever she can to prevent bad things from happening in the world. With his drive and determination, he could lead a team into the scariest battles with the belief that they can and will win.

5 He is young and unharmed

Hulk Arm Nat Grave Tony Memorial

Shang-Chi is the new neighborhood superhero. Unlike many other established Marvel heroes, Shang-Chi is both in his prime and unscathed – physically and mentally. Banner may no longer be Smart Hulk, as seen at the end of Shang-Chi, but his arm is still in a sling and out of service. Sam and Bucky both have a lot of stories and emotional issues to deal with and overcome. Carol has something to do with the loss of Maria and the apathy shown in WandaVision by Monique.

With the heroes who have experience, few are still one hundred percent and able to take on even more responsibility in the group, leaving Shang-Chi ready for the leadership role.

4 He has pure intentions

Shang Chi with rings

Simply put, Shang-Chi is a pure hearted man. He quickly learned the fighting style of the people from his mother because he has an open heart and mind that has no bad intentions at all. The Rings themselves have proven this by changing the color of the Great Protector, yellow, once under his control.

The simple fact also proves that he has overcome the tragedy of losing his mother and his father’s neglect and training to live the life he led before Wenwu came to get his amulet. Although he lived a simple life, he was happy and able to get an education, have a job, and have long relationships – proving that he was inherently good and not bad.

3 He has the heart of the dragon

Shang Chi and mom Shang Chi and dragon

As his mother constantly told him in his youth, Shang-Chi has the heart of their Great Protector, the dragon. This seems to be proven as he sinks into the lake after battling his father but regains consciousness underwater, calling out the Great Protector.

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The Dragon Heart gives him immense internal power and that’s probably why the Rings immediately gave him as much, if not more, power than Wenwu. This inner strength commands the power in everything he does, and that is the Dragon Heart. This makes him qualified to help shape new heroes as they discover their paths and gives him the ability to understand established ones.

2 He is a team player

Shang Chi at the head of the Ta Lo fighters

In his first film, Shang-Chi established himself as an accomplished team player. He immediately worked with Trevor, his sister Xialing, and even his mother’s people when they arrived in Ta Lo. He just stayed away until he realized his sister was in trouble. He revealed his darkest secrets to Katy to help them both move forward in their training.

Either way, he fitted in perfectly with the people he worked with. Merging perfectly with these different personalities is just one more reason why it is perfect for leadership.

1 It inspires loyalty

Shang Chi Wong Danvers Banner

Shang-Chi is the type of person who inspires loyalty. Katy said they had been friends for half of their lives. He is also still friends with Soo, although she is frustrated with his relaxed approach to life. He even seems to have made a loyal friend in Soo’s husband. Xialing is still mad at her abandonment, but his desire to protect her has at least inspired some loyalty in her, and the people of Ta Lo have quickly accepted her into their fold.

Before dying, even Wenwu sees his son in a new way, offering him all the rings. Wong seems to feel like he’s something special, joining Katy and Shang-Chi on a karaoke party at the end of the movie. Bruce greets him, insinuating he’s an Avenger, and Carol Danvers offers his support as well. This sense of loyalty will serve the next MCU leader well and hopefully create a team with stronger bonds than the original.

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