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A penny from the sky – Daily Leader

A penny from heaven

Posted at 4:00 p.m. on Sunday, September 4, 2022

JHazy clouds like we enjoyed watching roam the mountains and valleys of North Carolina joined me in our vehicle on the drive back from Brentwood, TN. It had been a relaxing, refreshing and lovely break in the mountains for almost a week, then ended our break in Brentwood with our young group of grownups.

We had been there long enough to see flag football, junior helmet football, eighth grade football cheerleading, and several volleyball games. There were more wins than losses, so Anding’s sports “association” got high marks.

There were a few cheerful reports of good grades on math quizzes and plenty of time in the study hall to complete homework. Laughter won out over confrontation, and everyone volunteered to walk Rocky, the one and only canine attraction in the Anding household.

I knew I would miss the busy childhood schedules we held while their parents took a break. I could also be assured that their parents would be deliberate and loving in keeping up with the busy schedules of their children’s growing years. So why the cloud hanging over my head?

The love of grandparents was the main lining of the cloud. I thought of childhood innocence and the wars that raged against it. I mentally sighed as I thought of the multitude of young lives streaming into the classrooms, taking with them the backgrounds of their families. What ideas, words and suggestions did our older children hear? Without the influential perimeters of Christian education they had known, would they recognize worldly philosophies?

My “old” years of study were very different from theirs. Our adults carried encyclopedias in their hands but also seductions that parents had to block and monitor. The enemy seemed much more adept in this generation.

When Othel stopped to refuel, I walked out to shake off the anxiety that I knew shouldn’t be part of a believer. In a few steps on the acres of concrete, I saw a coin. It was a penny! God knew I would understand – I needed a word from him.

Years ago I read the story of a Christian who rejoiced at finding a penny because it signified a message from God – “In God We Trust”. I liked this idea and had adopted it for myself. The penny I bent down to pick up was a particular encouragement. I believed He was saying, “Keep on trusting Me for all you love.” Today was a real “penny from heaven”.

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