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Aden Gregory leads Middies on and off the pitch – Morning Journal

Midview goaltender Aden Gregory is their four-game leading scorer this season, averaging 20 points per game following their 68-62 win over Oberlin on December 7, in which he scored 27 points.

On top of his scoring ability, he gave the Middies 3-1 a lot more than that, giving them the leadership they need to succeed.

“(Against Oberlin) I think he really stepped up,” Midview head coach Jim Barbenec said after their win. “We asked him to do more. He’s a calm kid, he has to be our leader and he definitely was tonight.

He has been given the task of leading the team and Barbenec believes the best way is to lead by example. Gregory has embraced the role and is excited about the future of the team.

“I am really looking forward to seeing the future of this team,” he said. I think we have a lot of really good young guys. I just want to lead by example and let them know what I learned and try to help them in the future.

Against the Phoenixes, Gregory stepped up in big moments, like his and-1 to put the Middies four with 30 seconds left.

“I like the pressure,” describes playing the moment. “I love opening up my teammates… I have confidence in them to reverse the shot and they trust me to do mine, so that elevates our two games.”

He got his teammates involved, helping players like Michael Hazzard, Ryan Runser and Bryce Newton achieve double-digit scores against Oberlin.

More importantly, he brings granularity to the defensive side of the ball, taking two charges in the fourth quarter that helped Midview win the game, according to Barbenec.

“(Taking loads) is awesome,” said Gregory. “It helps me to have confidence in myself. Whenever I’m able to do that it makes me happy because it just uplifts teamwork and that’s when we are able to get our best wins.

He also recorded four interceptions and six blocks as Midview’s tallest player.

Midview has some things to work on including how they start their games. In their 71-48 loss to Olmsted Falls, the Middies scored eight points in the first quarter to lead 16-8 early in the second.

In the Oberlin game, they trailed 21-12, but came out on top. Gregory wants to see improvement in this area for the Middies when they face the Comets.

“The first quarter will be our main focus”, “Our first quarter will determine how the game goes against some very good teams like Oberlin and Amherst and luckily we were able to bounce back in the second half to claim the victory . “

Midview is on his way to face defending Southwest Conference champions Amherst on Friday, December 10. Gregory believes that a victory by a non-SWC opponent gives him and the rest of the squad confidence.

“[Games like this] is great confidence, ”says Gregory. “It’s great to play against teams outside of our conference so that we can work on things that we don’t normally do. (We) face Amherst on Friday, the defending (conference) champions. This (victory) is a great confidence booster.