Youth leader

Bang Chan, dynamic leader of Stray Kids, enjoys everything

Contrary to popular belief, Bang Chan sleeps. It squeezes three to four hours a day, somewhere between dawn and noon. He knows he could – no, should – rest better. But his mind is still racing, jumping from one budding idea to the next, thoughts churning in his stomach. Even when he has time to relax, his brain does not allow it. “I’m thinking about this, I’m thinking about that, I’m thinking about the future, I’m thinking about what I’ve done… I’m thinking, thinking, thinking,” he says.

Despite his lack of sleep, he says he still feels healthy and full of energy. He doesn’t even rely on caffeine to get through the day. “The water does the work!” he’s laughing.

In reality, he is just hyper-fixed on the tasks to be accomplished. He keeps a daily schedule on his Notes app and memorizes it at the start of each day, a habit from his school days. “Free time is always the last priority,” he says. “In order to have my free time, I try to finish everything I have to do.” He pauses, then smiles: “It’s like a dog treat [for] me.” However, he will make time for his members, whom he calls “the children.” Occasionally, he will roll up his sleeves and repair kitchen curtains when no one else will. He is reliable.

“Kids ask me, ‘Hyung, can you do this for me? Can you do this and that?'” he said. “And I’m always like, ‘Yeah! Sure!’ When I have time, I make sure to do it right away.”

The life of an idol is one of continuous movement, going from one thing to another. It’s a mix of meetings, studios, fittings, practice rooms, concepts, recordings and events. Bang Chan also devotes an hour every week to hosting a live stream where he listens to music and shares stories with fans around the world. These live streams are racking up millions of views, a number that, when updated, makes him uneasy. As a leader, Bang Chan takes on the responsibility of being the intermediary between the company and the group – advocating when necessary. “He has a strong sense of responsibility and sacrifices a lot for the team,” Changbin said. teen vogue. For Han, he is “a good older brother, a good friend, a good person and a perfect leader”, adding, “Of course, there are times when he makes mistakes himself, but he always recognizes them. and try to do better.”

Bang Chan does not see his role in the group as anything special. “The moment you accept that you are a good leader, that means you are not a good leader,” he reasons. He sees it as more of a personality quirk. “I always like to do stuff for other people,” he explains. “I learned to accept that I am someone who thinks of others before myself.”