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BJP exit of key Tripura leader sparks buzz over new equations for 2023 polls

Sudip Roy Barman told the media that they will visit Delhi and finalize the future action plan.


In a development that may cause problems for the ruling BJP in Tripura, 2 MPs including former Minister Sudip Roy Barman resigned from the Assembly today and left the party.

With the departures, the BJP’s strength in the 60-member assembly fell from 35 to 33, just two more than a majority.

Mr. Roy Barman and MP Ashish Saha met Assembly Speaker Ratan Chakraborty and handed in resignation letters.

Amid speculation that the two could join the Congress, Mr Roy Barman told the media that they would visit New Delhi later today and finalize the future plan of action.

Sources in Congress said he had been in contact with Congress leader Rahul Gandhi for some time. A former leader of the opposition in the Assembly, Mr Roy Barman was previously a member of Congress before moving to the Trinamool Congress and then to the BJP. A key player in the BJP’s victory in the Tripura polls in 2018, Mr Roy Barman was appointed minister but dropped out a year later.

The exit of Mr. Roy Barman, a political heavyweight in Tripura and the son of former Chief Minister Samir Ranjan Barman, is seen as a blow to the BJP and it is speculated that many members of the ruling party could do so. to follow.

With Tripura elections due early next year, the development will worry Biplab Deb’s dispensation.

Speaking to the media, Mr Roy Barman said: “People here wanted a change from the left. We were forced by people to join the BJP, we got change but this change was not for the Good.

“The government has crushed democratic voices, there is total mismanagement, the media is under threat, the headlines are dictated by the chief minister’s office. Our resignation marks a protest against all of this, we have tolerated for a long time. We thought common sense would prevail over the BJP government but no more. We took this decision to fight the government and restore democratic values ​​in the state,” he added.

Saying they felt relieved after their resignations, Mr Roy Barman targeted ‘one man rule’ in the state and said ministers needed to be ‘yes’ and ‘support bad decisions’.

Mr Saha said, “We will be back in Tripura on February 12. We have sent letters to BJP State Chairman Manik Saha resigning from senior party members.”

Along with Mr. Roy Barman and Mr. Saha, three deputies have so far left the Biplab Deb government. Earlier, BJP lawmaker Ashish Das resigned after strongly criticizing the BJP and its leaders and joined the Trinamool Congress last October.