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Charged Roanoke Street Gang Leader on Trial on Federal Charges | Crime News

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After Guerrant’s incarceration, he continued to run behind bars towards Rollin ’30s Crips, prosecutors allege in court documents.

By early 2018, external tensions had developed between Trayvone Kasey, who felt the gang was weakening, and Demonte Mack, who began to fear Kasey would incriminate him in Lee’s earlier murder, which remained an unsolved case. .

“Both of these tensions peaked in February 2019,” prosecutors would write in court documents, when Kasey and Mack met a third man at Lansdowne over a marijuana transaction.

Markel Trevon Girty, a 23-year-old man who was not involved in the gang, was shot in the chest at close range by Kasey. Kasey and Mack, who were in attendance, took the marijuana and left, according to evidence presented at a hearing last year when Kasey pleaded guilty to the murder.

According to court documents, Mack told his fellow gang member that he trained him well.

“This murder cemented Kasey’s loyalty in Mack’s eyes,” Assistant US Attorney Michael Baudinet later wrote in a related case. “There was also an element of mutual destruction at work here too, as Kasey had watched Mack murder [Lee], and now Mack had watched Kasey shoot and kill [Girty]. “

Now that Mack and Kasey have pleaded guilty, their only hope of getting less than a mandatory life sentence lies in their cooperation with prosecutors. Both have agreed to testify against the last remaining defendant, the gang leader whose orders they once took.