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Global Leader in International Educational Exchange and Academic Rescue IIE Appoints Sarah Ilchman, Jason Czyz as Co-Chairs, Courtney Temple as Executive Vice President

Dr Allan E. Goodman to retain CEO role

Posted: October 20, 2021 at 9 a.m. EDT|Update: 11 minutes ago

NEW YORK, 20 October 2021 / PRNewswire / – The Institute of International Education (IIE), the world leader in international educational exchange and academic rescue, announces the creation of its CEO office. Join the CEO, Dr. Allan goodman, in the newly enlarged office are Sarah ilchman and Jason czyz as IIE Co-Chairs, and Courtney Temple as Executive Vice President and Administrative Director (CAO) of IIE.

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“It is an honor and a privilege to work alongside Jason, Sarah and Courtney to continue the mission of IIE,” said Goodman. “Access to education is more important than ever. These three leaders, along with the expanded management team and new structure, will enable IIE to continue to innovate and meet the global needs of students, academics and higher education at large. community.”

Sarah ilchman has nearly three decades of dedicated service to IIE and oversees the global Fulbright Student and Scholar programs for IIE on behalf of the US Department of State. Ilchman has demonstrated an impressive track record of impactful results in program management, relationship building, inspiring ideas and innovation and strategic planning. She previously focused on programming with Africa, South and Central Asia and the Middle East. Inducted as an inaugural member of the National Academy for International Education, the first learned society dedicated to international education, she is also an executive sponsor of the IIE Leadership Academy and chairs the Emergency Management Working Group at the institute scale.

Jason czyz has been the Chief Financial Officer of IIE since 2016. With experience in grants and contracts and as a lawyer, Jason has worked with multiple governments and programs and has extensive experience leading global initiatives. Prior to joining IIE, Jason worked extensively in Africa, Central and Eastern Europe, and central and South Asia on legal reform, utility regulation, and infrastructure privatization projects for USAID, the Department of Energy, and others. French and Russian speaker, Jason co-chairs the selection committee for the IIE Odyssey scholarship and sits on the board of directors of the Indonesian Foundation for International Education.

Courtney Temple joined the IIE leadership team in 2018. Prior to that, she worked for more than two decades as a multi-sector human capital manager with extensive global and regional experience in human resources and business operations. As Executive Vice President and General Manager, Courtney will continue to lead IIE’s human resources, higher education initiatives and communications and will have expanded responsibility for Diversity, Equity and Access programs. IIE for staff and programs administered by IIE.

“The elevation of Sarah, Jason and Courtney, coupled with Allan’s continued leadership, will allow us to continue the mission established by our ancestors to transcend borders, expand access to international educational exchanges and provide refuge. safe for academics and students at risk around the world. finished “, said Mark Angelson, chairman of the IIE board of directors. “These changes formalize the working relationships developed over the past two years, strengthen thought leadership in support of IIE’s mission, and will foster continued growth and evolution.”

Members of the IIE CEO Office will continue to work with other members of the IIE leadership team, including Edie Cecil (SVP, program management – government), Jonas Kokodyniak (SVP, development of partner programs and services), Young Pierre (SVP, technical director), Nina smith (SVP, Director of Philanthropy), and Amy Eappen (newly appointed SVP, CFO).

About IIE:
Founded in 1919, IIE is a global, non-profit organization that creates and implements international education programs, conducts research, and provides life-changing opportunities for students and scholars around the world. IIE works with a range of partner companies, governments and foundations around the world to lead the world’s leading scholarship, leadership development and academics rescue programs. 108 of its directors, fellows and alumni of IIE-administered programs are Nobel Laureates and through its range of emergency support programs, IIE is able to help displaced students and academics find their way back. access to education. IIE has a network of 17 offices and affiliates around the world and more than 1,450 member institutions. Visit for more information.

IIE CEO Office (Left to right, Dr Allan E. Goodman, Courtney Temple, Jason Czyz, ...
IIE CEO Office (Left to right, Dr Allan E. Goodman, Courtney Temple, Jason Czyz, Sarah Ilchman)

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