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Huey Magoo comes to Brookhaven

Posted at 8:00 a.m. on Saturday, September 10, 2022

Huey Magoo’s, a tender chicken restaurant, is opening a location in Brookhaven according to the company’s website. The Brookhaven Building Inspection Office has confirmed the location will be in the vacant lot between O’Reillys and Bumpers on US51.

Former Ole Miss students Matt Armstrong and Thad Hudgens founded the company in 2004. McComb native Kristi Powell Orr, along with her parents Buddy and Stacey Powell, franchisees, and Aaron Jenkins, chief operating officer, acquired the exclusive rights to open Huey Magoo’s in Mississippi. .

They started opening 20 stores in Mississippi as of 2020. McComb’s location opened in December 2020 and Pearl’s in April 2022. COVID as well as other factors slowed things down. Orr currently lives in Brookhaven and said the Ole Brook location should start construction any day, depending on the rain.

“We hope to have it completed by January or February 2023. We are at the mercy of weather conditions and delays,” she said. “We will go as fast as possible.”

Orr’s parents got involved with Huey Magoo’s in 2019. His father Buddy Powell came across the restaurant on the internet. At the time, he was a Golden Corral franchisee in McComb and was looking for a restaurant where he could open multiple units. Huey Magoo was the opportunity he was looking for.

They jumped on a plane and flew to Orlando, Florida. Orr said they decided that if the food was good, they would franchise.

“The food is good and we are there. It took a while to roll,” she said.

Huey Magoo’s may be known for its chicken tenders, but it’s a different cut from other deep-fried tender places. She said the quality of the food is the biggest difference.

“It’s a big concern for customers now. What are we actually eating? We serve what we’ve called chicken filet mignon,” she said. other places might just fillet the breast. You get real tenderness with our chicken. Our breading and sauce have a flavor profile to complement this. »

Brookhaven was selected as one of the 20 locations because she noticed the town shared a lot of shoppers with McComb. The town of Brookhaven and its people wanted Huey Magoo’s in town. The support and response from people made it the next obvious choice for a location.

Orr lives in Brookhaven and has other ties to the town through her brother and her husband’s families. She has realized over the years that working in the restaurant industry is rewarding because of the people.

“I serve food for a living, but I’m in business. When I work at McComb, I know most of our clients there,” Orr said. “It’s a family atmosphere and we experience it every day. I look forward to doing it every day with the people I love. I am ready and excited to be rooted in the community.