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James Shaw the only candidate

Nominations for a new Green Party co-leader closed on Thursday night, with James Shaw the only candidate less than two weeks after he was removed from office by party members.

Green Party members voted to reopen nominations against Shaw for the role of co-leader at the party’s annual general meeting on July 23, leaving the door open for any other party member to nominate their name as potential challenger.

But none did, although those unhappy with Shaw’s leadership accounted for about 30% of the party’s delegate vote on July 23.

After Thursday night’s announcement, there will now be another vote within the party to either vote for Shaw as co-leader or vote to have the nominations open again.

“To be elected co-leader, the Green Party constitution requires James Shaw to receive at least 75% of the votes cast. Nominations will be reopened if at least 25% of the valid votes cast choose this option,” the party said. . said in a statement.

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Voting will be by ballot, with local union organizers now set to hold meetings of Green Party members in their constituency so they can decide how their local delegate should vote.

The result of that vote will be announced no later than 5 p.m. on Sept. 12, the party said.