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Live updates: Christopher Luxon officially elected leader of the National Party, Deputy Nicola Willis

6:45 am – Peter Dunne, who worked with the former national government as head of United Future, told Newshub it would be better for the party if a deal was reached before Tuesday’s caucus meeting.

“The big challenge for the National Party, regardless of who is elected, is how to unite what has been a pretty hectic caucus and sort of caucus over the past couple of years and if you end up with a very close vote, this will make the job of the new leader all the more difficult, ”he said.

“That’s why I’m surprised they haven’t been able to come together and strike a deal that effectively presents a fait accompli for the caucus.”

Dunne said it looked like Luxon had more support than Bridges, “but the headroom, I think, will be a little too narrow for comfort.”

The former MP said Luxon was inexperienced, but on the other hand, Bridges had baggage. He said that made the decision even more difficult.

A good leader of the National Party was “someone who can really listen to both the team around him and the community at large”.

“Someone who has a non-dogmatic view of what New Zealand should look like, is therefore willing to adapt to change the current system, who is willing to say, well, that’s not in the game. general interest of the country, rather than following an ideological line. “

He didn’t know which candidate best fitted that description.

Dunne said the party must keep its internal opinions or divisions private ahead of the 2023 election, with all MPs singing from the same song.