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Local community leaders organize Dowagiac Park cleanups

Posted at 4:57 p.m. on Tuesday, September 13, 2022

DOWAGIAC — A recent visit to the Mayor’s office in Dowagiac resulted in benefits that have embellished the community.

Rotary Club president and church elder Walter Swann, along with the pastor of two area Seventh-day Adventist churches, Tom Shepherd, visited Dowagiac Mayor Donald Lyons to discuss ways in which churches could better meet the needs of the community.

Mayor Lyons suggested several Dowagiac parks that could benefit from cleanup attention. Swann and Shepherd replied “Here we are!”

A few days later, on August 28, a group of enthusiastic participants from Dowagiac and Clearwater Seventh-day Adventist churches met at Walter Ward Park and James Heddon Park to pick up litter and generally make things right. The energy generated by working together made quick work of the task, and the volunteers agreed.

“It’s not enough; what more can we do?”

Another project was suggested and the group moved to Beckwith Park where too much weed had taken over. Unwanted plants were quickly dispatched and the area was made much more attractive for everyone to enjoy.

Participants had fun working with friends to do something that helps everyone in the community. Swann and Shepherd say they plan to continue coordinating with the community leaders to identify needs that could potentially be met by volunteers from many of the local Adventist churches.

“We have volunteer talent and want to do what we can to help meet needs and make a positive difference in the community,” Shepherd said.