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It is a form of savings that many choose because it is simple, the risk is low and you can often access the money quite easily if needed. Of course, this does not give the best return, but many still choose savings accounts instead of, for example, funds. However, if you want to save in this way, it is important to check up so that you do not have too much cash interest.

Having your money sitting in a savings account is common

money savings

It is easy to just deposit their money into the first best savings account available and usually it is one of the savings accounts offered by the bank you are currently a customer at.

In other words, it is probably a savings account with one of the major banks. However, saving with these banks is not the best idea as their savings rates are actually well below the rates of other credit institutions competing with their own savings accounts.

Right now, the repo rate is really low, which means that there are low savings rates in general

money savings

There is no huge return on savings accounts at present. However, if you want to drive on this savings form, you want to get the best possible savings rate and that means that you should not settle for the simplest alternative but look around a bit. You can make a lot of money from it.

In the simple savings accounts with no maturity and where you can deposit and withdraw money anyway, the interest rates of the major banks are really low, only around 0.20 – 0.30 percent. This is almost nothing and you can do much better if you choose a sensible alternative.


Savings account at an alternative bank

Savings account at an alternative bank

There are many banks today besides the major banks. These credit institutions such as Ikano Bank, Resurs Bank, Santander, Marginalen Bank and SBAB offer their own savings accounts and they often have good alternatives with higher interest rates. If you take a look at the whole thing a little, you can probably find a savings account with clearly better returns that still offer free withdrawals and flexibility.

Here you can many times get a savings rate from 2 percent, which is a lot better than 0.2 percent. If you also want to tie up your money a little, you can get even better returns and this is something that can be worth considering if you have some money to put away.

The important thing is not to be too comfortable and just settle for what the major banks offer in their simplest forms

The important thing is not to be too comfortable and just settle for what the major banks offer in their simplest forms

You often do not need to do anything to access such savings accounts, but they are also not much to have when you want to save money. By making some active choices and reviewing the options you can get together quite a lot more money.

Of course, in addition to savings accounts, there are also other interesting savings forms such as funds where the risk is also really small. If you would like to invest your money in this way, you should look it up a bit. For those of you who are still mostly looking for a good savings account, you can, for example, check out our comparison of savings accounts to see what alternatives are available.


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