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Marvel has proven that Guardians of the Galaxy leader Star-Lord cannot mature

Marvel has confirmed what will happen if Star-Lord decides to grow up – and it’s tragic.

Star-Lord is the kind of hero to make jokes when faced with doomsday threats. It made him one of the most endearing heroes to ever be born in the House of Ideas, but it also cemented his status as one of the most endearing. immature hero among his peers. Although he has tried to portray himself as more mature and take responsibility before, Marvel has confirmed that he should never completely give up on his child character as it leads to an incredibly tragic future.

Old man’s feather (by Ethan Sacks, Robert Gill and Andres Mossa) introduced a thirsty Peter Quill who had given up his post as mischievous leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy to become the wise ruler of Spartax because he wanted to appear more “grown up”. “But his decision directly led to the destruction of every person he cared about, showing on his own that he should remain the male child he always was.

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The series began with Star-Lord launching a surprise attack on the Universal Church of Truth and saying that he was not keeping in touch with any of his former teammates. Just when he thought he had the upper hand, the Church revealed that it launched a surprise attack that destroyed Spartax. Fifty years later, Quill received a video transmission from the remaining Guardians just before their deaths that told him to find the Ultimate Nullifier to defeat Galactus. Overwhelmed with guilt for letting everyone he cared about die, he imagined his teammates dead by his side as he made his way to Earth.

The Universal Church finally caught up with him at the Baxter Building before he found the Nullifier. He opened a space-time rift that engulfed the Baxter Building and the Spirit-controlled Imperial Guard. Quill entered the rift to find the Nullifier only to be destroyed by Doctor Doom as soon as he returned to the present. When Quill was about to be executed, Galactus arrived to consume Earth. Using a Time Stone Shard he removed from the time machine he had in the past, Star-Lord shot Galactus in the head, effectively defeating the Universal Church.

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One of the main elements of the comic is that Star-Lord is haunted by his guilt for abandoning the people he cared about for the “adult” life he thought he wanted. Essentially, all that’s wrong with Quill is that he ran away from who he really is and tried to adopt a “mature” character as the ruler of Spartax. This need to become an adult and to let go of his childish sensibility led him to leave the Guardians, a team he loved with all his heart. As history presents him as happy with her decision, it slowly discovers that he always felt that a part of him was missing when he became the ruler of an empire. Quill constantly says that choosing Spartax over Guardians was the right thing to do, but the only time his plans go in the right direction is when he returned to the character of the overwhelmed child. fire that he was.

Ultimately, Quill’s adventure establishes that Star-Lord should never attempt to become the mature Emperor many expect him to become. Instead, he should remain the wise adventurer he usually is in the comics and the MCU. The comic cements that idea by showing him the creation of a new Guardians of the Galaxy at the end and it’s the only time he seems happy since his family was killed. While Star-Lord’s immaturity has caused him a lot of trouble, it’s clear that worse things can happen if he decides to “grow up.”

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