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PMO has file on corruption by SEC Srivastava: head of AAP

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) claimed on Saturday that it had become a “style” of the Prime Minister’s Office to “identify corrupt officials, place them in important positions and then threaten them into doing things for the BJP”.

“A corruption dossier on Delhi Election Commissioner SK Srivastava has been prepared by the Prime Minister’s Office and he has been threatened and blackmailed into putting him behind bars if he does not report. the election (to municipalities),” said Durgesh Pathak, the AAP in charge of municipal corporations.

Mr Pathak said if corrupt officials do not listen to the BJP, then the party “threatens them with CBI and income tax investigations”.

He warned that today “it’s Delhi SEC’s turn, tomorrow it’s someone else”.

“If corrupt officials are used to do unconstitutional work, the democracy of this country will not survive. If there are no elections, it will become a dictatorship. And then like Aurangazeb, prime minister [Narendra] Modi’s reign will continue across the country,” he said.

AAP leader Atishi said, “It’s the beginning of the end of our democracy if the EC bows under pressure and postpones the elections.” Questions are being raised about the EC’s ability to organize free and fair elections, she said.