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QU to host the third Youth Research Forum 2020 on March 11-12

Qatar University (QU) will host the Third Youth Research Forum 2020 on March 11-12 titled “Identity and Cultural Tourism: Towards a Sustainable Heritage Culture”.

This forum aims to create research material covering the knowledge and cultural concerns of young people. In addition, it aims to create a database on the activities of young people who have distinct research capacities in the field of specialized and interdisciplinary studies, and to explore the research capacities of young people in a specific field related to the events of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 and related cultural events. , sports, environmental and urban activities.

The forum also aims to highlight the roles played by institutions, such as the Qatar National Museum and Katara – Cultural Village Foundation, in promoting cultural identity in Qatar. In addition, one of its goals is to integrate knowledge among young people, prepare them to perform their duties and take the initiative for positive participation in order to maximize the benefits of the World Cup. It also aims to open channels of communication for research and knowledge between academic and community institutions, especially those that play a key role in the World Cup.

One of the main objectives of this forum is to create and open channels of communication between young researchers and the community institutions organizing the World Cup. In addition, it aims to promote a culture of scientific research and link it with important historical events, promote cultural tourism and build a knowledge society. One of the most important goals is that it aims to present Qatari heritage in all its forms in a scientific and precise manner according to the specifications of the UNESCO Authority, such as names, food, towns, cities, mosques and museums.

QU’s Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies, Prof. Mariam Al Maadeed, said that this forum is part of the University’s strategy to develop scientific research among young people, especially aspects related to youth. identity, heritage and cultural communication studies. She adds that the forum plans to achieve several cognitive, cultural and community objectives where the forum represents an opportunity for young people to meet the needs of society in the next crucial phases of development, especially as the state is preparing to host the World Cup in 2022.

Participation is open to research by postgraduate and undergraduate students in this forum. The student can submit his research alone or in a group of students (no more than 6 students) participating in a research.
The organizing committee of the forum selected the theme and topics that young people can research and apply to participate. The topics are: (1) World Cup facilities and the sustainability of Qatar’s architectural, art and culture heritage; (2) The role of museums in promoting cultural identity; (3) Economic and cultural tourism; (4) Heritage towns and their role in cultural tourism; (5) Symbols and identity elements; (6) Collect and document parts of cultural heritage; (7) Identity challenges and globalization; (8) Medicine, pharmacology and community health.

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