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QU-YSC Launches Fourth Youth Research Forum 2022

Qatar University Young Scientists Center officials at the launch of the Fourth Youth Research Forum 2022.

Doha: The Qatar University Young Scientists Center (QU-YSC) announced the launch of the fourth 2022 Youth Research Forum titled “The World Cup and Qatar 2022: Challenges and Aspirations”. The initiative is in cooperation with the Qatar National Commission for Education, Culture and Science.

This year, activities would focus on national identity, social and cultural heritage, science, medicine, engineering and the legal field as a new addition. Undergraduate and postgraduate researchers from Qatar, the Gulf and international universities can submit their scientific research and present their results on a rich platform to exchange knowledge, expand innovation methods and disseminate research efforts. .

The forum allows competition among participants, which improves skills, abilities, research results and motivates researchers. These researchers can participate with research articles that define the questions and objectives, the problematic, the data collection tools, the foundations of scientific experiments where applicable and the results of the research. They can also participate with science posters that summarize the results of their research in a concise and engaging manner. All applications will be assessed on the basis of several criteria, the most important of which are novelty of subjects, outputs and outcomes submitted, extent of impact and research community.

Valuable prizes will be awarded to the three best researchers in the scientific research category and the three best in the scientific posters category, chosen by the jury made up of professors and researchers with extensive experience in different fields.

Professor Maryam Al Maadeed, Vice President of Research and Graduate Studies, said: “The research sector supports all initiatives that enrich the research culture, enhance the skills of young people and integrate them into the experience. research based on scientific foundations. The Youth Research Forum is a great opportunity for young researchers to present their research, share it and discuss it with researchers and experts.

Also commenting on the initiative, Professor Noora Al Thani, Director of QU-YSC, said: “We want the center to be a hub for young researchers and catalysts for research-based innovation. We seek through the forum to offer opportunities for intellectual and scientific convergence to young researchers. The exchange of experiences and the discussion of research topics are among the most important activities of the forum which contribute to the development of research results and to the verification of their impact and desired benefits.

Dr. Hamda Hasan Al Sulaiti, Secretary General of Qatar National Commission for Education, Culture and Science, said the Youth Research Forum is a viable opportunity and common space for young people in Qatar to meet young people from across the world of race, gender, color and religion to share views, ideas and thoughts on the challenges the world faces today.

“They will be well placed to find ways and means to promote the principles of international peace and security, respect human rights, reject violence and encourage the peaceful settlement of disputes,” said Dr Al Sulaiti.

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