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Rangayana again courts controversy over RSS leader’s remarks

The Rangayana theatrical repertoire which was in the eye of a storm a few months ago following the invitation of RSS ideologue Venkataramu to give a talk during the Bahurupi national theater festival, is ready again to be controversial.

Because, the director of Rangayana Addanda C. Cariappa invited another right activist to give a conference and the subject is: “Why I am in RSS”. This is part of the Grishma Rangayanothsava theater festival which will start from Sunday and the conference is scheduled to take place on June 17 at 4 p.m.

Asked about the need for the lecture by an RSS leader at a theater festival, Mr Cariappa justified his decision by saying there was a lot of talk around Sangh Parivar at present in the state. and so the conference was organized to let people know more.

When asked if he was not courting controversy, Mr. Cariappa replied that nothing was possible without controversy. He said Rangayana had been “peddling left-wing views” for 32 years so there was nothing wrong with learning about other views and ideologies.

His earlier decision to invite Chakravarthi Sulibele during Bahurupi caused an uproar with a section of amateur artists and ex-directors staging a protest. There have been a series of protests by activists who have called for the removal of Mr Cariappa from the post of director of Rangayana.

Grishma Rangayanothsava will present plays by students of Bharateeya Ranga Shikshana Kendra at Rangayana. The festival will be held from June 12 to June 19 and plays will be performed daily from 6:30 p.m.