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Reading of President Biden’s meeting with President Pelosi and Schumer leaders

Tonight, the President welcomed President Pelosi and Chief Schumer to the Oval Office to discuss their solid work to pass the two bills that form his vision for building an economy that benefits America’s middle class. , and not just to those at the top: the Build Back Better Act and the bipartite agreement on infrastructure.

The three underscored their commitment to the Build Back Better Act, which will translate into historic tax cuts for middle-class families and small businesses, make health care, child care and child care. Older Americans more affordable, and will tackle climate change – with a price tag of $ 0 as it will repeal special and unnecessary tax giveaways to the rich and big business.

They also underscored their commitment to the bipartisan infrastructure agreement, which will make historic and job-creating investments in our roads and bridges, connect every American to high-speed internet, prevent our children from drinking poisoned water. and achieve unprecedented gains for our clean energy. direction.

Both bills are top priorities and have strong support from a large majority of the American people, who know that for too long the wealthiest taxpayers and big business have been able to write a set of rules for themselves while everything the world is more and more left behind.

The president also spoke by phone today with other lawmakers, led strategy sessions with his senior executives and was briefed by his legislative and economic teams. The engagement he, his cabinet and senior executives have pursued for months with members of Congress will continue tomorrow.


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