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Released on bail, PS chief Azam Khan says prison inspector warned of ‘encounter’

Azam Khan, leader of the Samajwadi party claimed that an inspector had warned him in prison that he could be met after his release. The Supreme Court recently granted him bail in a land grabbing case.

Speaking to reporters in Rampur, Uttar Pradesh on Sunday, Khan said: “When an inspector can threaten in the prison, ‘go underground, you have several cases against you, you can be met’. so in the face of such dangers, it is difficult to say where I am going.

The MP for Rampur, who had been in prison for two years, released from Sitapur prison Friday morning. The day before, the Supreme Court had released him on bail by exercising its special powers under Article 142 of the Constitution, because it had pointed out the “particular” circumstances of the case.

“Azam Khan was in prison following 81 complaints lodged against him. After receiving bail orders in all 81 cases, Azam Khan was released today morning,” Sitapur District Jail Superintendent Suresh Singh said.