Youth leader

Ryan Day is a men’s leader, not just the Ohio State Football coach

Ryan Day isn’t just the head coach of Ohio State’s football program. He is a leader of men, and nothing illustrates this better than the situation of Harry Miller.

The Ohio State football program assigned Ryan Day to lead the team as head coach. He was very successful on the field, having lost only three regular season games in three years on the job. But he is more than just a football coach; he is a leader of men.

Harry Miller’s situation underscores how important a job is. After Miller informed Day of his intention to kill himself, Day immediately got Miller the help he needed. He didn’t stop to think about how it would affect the footballing side of things. He only cared about Miller the human being.

It’s no exaggeration to say that Day’s actions helped save Miller’s life. Miller himself is extremely grateful for Day’s intervention, as he says in the video clip below.

Day’s job isn’t just to win football games. His job is to help children grow into young men. His concern for Miller is so much bigger than the game of football. It’s the kind of thing that makes parents want their own sons to play for Ohio State’s football program because they know Ryan Day cares.

I’m sure other players have seen what Day has done for Miller and appreciate it greatly. They know he has his back too. It’s a lot more important than playing football, but it also helps keep this team together and be better when they step onto the pitch.