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The deal leverages FiscalNote’s suite of alternative data, artificial intelligence and ESG solutions offerings, expands the company’s reach to an additional global client base and unlocks new opportunities in the South Korea and APAC markets

WASHINGTON and Seoul, South Korea, August 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — TaxNote (NYSE:NOTE), a leading AI-driven enterprise SaaS company that provides market insights and data insights, today announced a groundbreaking new partnership with Map of Shinhan – Korea’s largest credit card company and leader in consumer credit – to leverage alternative data, AI and ESG solutions to provide clients with unique datasets to drive actionable results and fuel business decisions and outcomes.

The deal was announced by FiscalNote’s CEO and co-founder, Tim Hwangand Lim Young JinCEO of Shinhan Card, at Shinhan Card Global Headquarters in Seoul, Korea.

“We are very pleased to partner with Shinhan Card, Korea’s leading credit card, consumer finance and technology company. Today’s announcement marks the start of what will become a very promising collaboration for leverage our global networks, expand our market reach, innovate and deliver results in the emerging fields of alternative data and AI, and provide businesses and governments with the tools to develop and implement a oversight and ESG goals,” said Hwang, a second-generation Korean-American who also recently became the youngest Asian American CEO/Co-founder at the New York Stock Exchange. Korean offerings from FiscalNote, Aicel Technologies and Datahunt, will be essential components of the FiscalNote-Shinhan Card partnership in the future.

In addition to the alternative data and AI opportunities generated by the FiscalNote-Shinhan partnership, the agreement will introduce FiscalNote’s unique and market-leading ESG solutions suite of offers in Korea through Shinhan Card’s customer network. As organizations around the world continue to face increased internal and external pressure to meet complex environmental, social and governance ESG goals, standards and requirements, FiscalNote will work with Shinhan Card to provide businesses and local governments in Korea an all-in-one suite of technology-driven data, advisory and community services to help guide and empower clients to manage their ESG goals, risks and opportunities at every stage of their ESG journey.

FiscalNote’s partnership with Shinhan is its first deal since becoming a public company on August 1, 2022 involve society recently acquired Aicel Technologies (“Aicel“), a fast-growing alternative data company based in Seoul. Aicel provides proprietary alpha capture datasets and extracts unique value and actionable insights to deliver critical and timely business solutions for the global financial markets and fintech industry.

The partnership announcement also signals FiscalNote’s growing presence and focus in the Korean market, building on the existing presence of its Data Hunt offer with the combination of Aicel Technologies to make the company Seoul its largest office in the world outside of the United States, as well as its key technology hub and gateway to new opportunities in the APAC region.

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