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NEW YORK, April 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Tap Tag ( recently introduced its unique line of popular products, taking full advantage of cutting-edge NFC technology to deliver smooth, contactless information in an instant. Embedded in each waterproof and adhesive Tap Tag, NFC technology enables communication between two devices over a distance of four centimeters or less. Links of all kinds can be shared on a smartphone with just a tap, including contact information, social media, menus, and more. And with unique personalized business cards integrated with Tap Tag technology, users can literally just tap their card on a recipient’s smartphone to share information. Tap Tag has been a pioneering innovator in the NFC space for two years, with all products available directly from the company’s website.

Tap Tag: Leaders in personalized NFC technology

NFC technology is unique in that Tap Tag users can give their information to anyone with a smartphone, but recipients don’t need Tap Tags or apps to receive that information. Users simply place the adhesive Tap Tag on the back of a phone case or other handy medium, and they’re good to go. Tap Tag takes advantage of features already present in Android and Apple products.

“Our contactless business card transfer method is durable, COVID-19 compatible, and saves you the cost of actual business cards,” said Tyler Wilcha, tap Tag CEO. “And you can scan our cards and Tap Tags endlessly because there’s no subscription. One purchase and you have a business card for life. We were one of the first NFC companies to exist and the quality of our products is equal to or better than those who charge twice the price for the same thing.Our wholesale pricing is also incredibly affordable – just visit the website and ask us via the chatbox.

The growing range of NFC Tap Tag enabled products currently includes:

  • Best-selling, personalized and reusable wooden and metal business cards, laser engraved and personalized. Preloaded with NFC technology, these are the last business cards users will ever need.
  • Minimalist silicone NFC wristbands, and a full line of customizable wooden NFC key fobs, lightweight key fobs, coasters, Wi-Fi carriers, and more.
  • Easy to apply adhesive faucet labels for use on any surface.
  • Tap Tag HyperSlim 2.0 – A Tap Tag that’s 60% thinner, allowing it to slip under a phone case – working through the case to send coordinates with a simple tap.

“All NFC chips are created equal, but not all NFC companies are,” Wilcha said. “We are number one in price and customer service for one reason only: because these are custom products. Customer service has always been our first priority. We are here to answer questions, help people design and navigate through this new way of networking. We help you customize your tag to your exact specifications, so when you tap on it, the links go exactly where you want them. And we absolutely encourage people to read our reviews, because they’re mostly stellar – see what people are saying about our technology.”

Learn about NFC technology, get information on upcoming products, and explore the many uses of Tap Tags by following them on social media: Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. Tap Tag is also a proud supporter of OneTreePlanted, regularly donating to help plant trees around the world.

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Tap Tag is a new Yorkbased in New York that creates a wide variety of products using Near-Field Communication (NFC) technology to help personalize and enhance modern digital lifestyles. With the lowest prices for personalized NFC products, Tap Tag ships next business day from New York and provides live customer service to help people personalize their Tap Tags. We take pride in our products – let us show it to you. Learn more at:

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