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The United States Can Lead on Climate Again – Thomas R. Smith | Letters to the Editor

President Joe Biden traveled to Glasgow, Scotland, to participate in the United Nations COP26 (Conference of the Parties) world climate summit. What a relief to know that the United States is once again actively participating with other nations in the fight against climate change. It is heartwarming to see our President stand alongside other world leaders to responsibly tackle this issue that threatens the survival of all.

Our current weather disasters are the logical result of the rejection of climate science. Less obvious than the many floods, fires and storms (which have cost us billions of dollars) is the impact of climate change on those most at the mercy of these catastrophic events. Tragically, the countries that contribute the least to climate change tend to be the most hurt and impoverished by it – conditions that also contribute significantly to the growing immigration crisis.

I applaud President Joe Biden for signaling at home and abroad that our return to irresponsibility is over. In the meantime, each of us should find ways to encourage elected officials to join in the collective resolution of this problem so that our children and generations to come can inherit a livable planet.

Thomas R. Smith, River Falls

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