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UP Elections – Video: Ballot ticket denied, BSP leader in Uttar Pradesh bursts into tears

BSP’s Arshad Rana is seen breaking down in tears after being denied the ballot ticket.

Defections in the polls and indictments add to the dramatic build-up in Uttar Pradesh ahead of seven-stage state polls which begin on February 10.

Former Chief Minister Mayawati’s campaign has been muted so far, but a video of a leader of her Bahujan Samaj (BSP) party is now widely shared on social media – and not for the right reasons .

In the video, BSP’s Arshad Rana is seen breaking down in tears after being dropped as a candidate.

“I feel humiliated. I never thought this would happen. They sat me inside (the office) and told me they had chosen someone else to challenge the polls in my place,” Rana said, crying, in the video tweeted by news agency ANI.

“You have to watch the news every day… the billboards and everything… I do everything. Despite all efforts, they do this to me,” he sobbed bitterly.

Mayawati will not contest national elections, the party has made that clear. Rivals say the BSP does not even have enough candidates to contest 400 UP seats, but party MP Satish Chandra Misra has said he will win the election.

Arshad Rana’s video seems to have laid bare internal divisions.

In another video, where he does not cry, Mr. Rana makes several claims against the party. “I have worked as an infantryman for the Bahujan Samaj party in different capacities. In 2018, I was declared the candidate of Charthawal. For the past four years, I have worked tirelessly for the party. Now I am trying to get in touch with management…but no response,” he said.

Claiming that he was asked to arrange Rs 50 lakh, he says, “I went to Muzzaffarnagar office and Satish ji (party colleague) asked to arrange 50 lakhs. I said… ‘Mr. ji, i can’t arrange so much money “…I went home and talked to my mom – she said we will arrange for you since you work so hard.” Mr. Rana, in the video, further says that he paid money in installments, but was denied a ballot.

There is no party reaction to the claims yet.

Uttar Pradesh will vote between February 10 and March 7 and the results will be known on March 10.

As the BJP tries to retain the state, Akhilesh Yadav has emerged as the main challenger, but Congress and the BSP are also trying to return to power.