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‘What happened to you?’: Gun owners’ group leader slammed for backing Amir Locke

A Minnesota-based 2nd Amendment activist is facing backlash from fellow gun owners over his group’s stance on the murder of Amir Locke.

On Friday, the Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus, a nonprofit lobbying organization, released the following statement, criticizing the Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) for Locke’s death:

“While many facts remain unknown at this time, reports indicate that Amir Locke was a law-abiding citizen who was in lawful possession of a firearm when he was fatally shot by Minneapolis police on morning of February 2,” the statement read.

“The tragic circumstances of Mr. Locke’s death were completely avoidable,” Rob Doar, the group’s senior vice president for government affairs, said in the statement. “This is yet another example of a no-knock warrant resulting in the death of an innocent person. In this case, as in others, the public should expect and receive full transparency and accountability from law enforcement who serve and protect our local communities.

The following day, Doar took to social media to share an email he received in response to his statement. The sender accuses Doar of being “full BLM and Antifa”, among other things (warning, contains foul language):

But Doar’s specific and outspoken criticisms of no-knock warrants as well as the MPD have earned him backlash on social media – and he’s spent the past two days debating with fellow Tories, and in some case respond to harassmenton his Twitter account:

The spinoff also got him some media attention, with Doar saying he appeared for a interview with the Huffington Post the Saturday.

However, Doar is not the only Minnesota conservative with a critical view of the MPD; Senator Paul Gazelka (right) also issued a statement on the case, calling for an “immediate review” of the barring warrants:

Gazelka also pointed out that state lawmakers had “worked hard to make changes to no-knock warrants in the 2021 legislative session.”

In light of the controversy, Minneapolis issued a moratorium on no-knock warrants. Following the ruling, Mayor Jacob Frey said he would work with Eastern Kentucky University’s DeRay McKesson and Dr. Pete Kraska, who helped implement no-knock police entrance reform. Louisville after police killed Breonna Taylor there in March 2020.

Locke’s family said the 22-year-old had a transport license and had no criminal record. His father said Friday that his son was a DoorDash driver and had a gun for protection.

On Saturday, a “caravan of cars” converged on downtown Minneapolis to protest the murder; protesters called for criminal charges as well as the firing of the police officer who shot Locke.